Since Dutch is my mother tongue, I mostly focus on the translation of texts from English into Dutch. However, translations from Dutch into English are possible too in some cases.

My specialisations are:

  • Legal translations
    (such as agreements, employment contracts, general terms and conditions, privacy statements)
  • Medical translations
    (such as user manuals, product descriptions, information leaflets, package leaflets)
  • Electronic translations
    (such as phone, photo camera and laptop user manuals)
  • Tourism and cultural translations
    (such as descriptions of hotels, tours, activities, or descriptions of artworks)

Sworn/certified translation

A sworn/certified translation is necessary when you have to submit the translated document to an official body, such as a government agency or an insurance company.

Some examples of translations that have to be certified: birth certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate, certificate of inheritance, will, diploma, list of marks.

Translation area of expertise

The general terms and conditions of Van der Maat Translations apply to all activities that are carried out by Van Der Maat Translations.