About me

Aleid van der MaatAlready during my youth, I was very involved with language. Dutch and English were my favorite school subjects and I liked to read both Dutch and English books. When I found out that some of the book I read, were translated into Dutch, that was a real eyeopener for me: that’s what I wanted to do!

That’s why I started my studies at the School of Translation and Interpreting. Although the focus of my translation studies was mainly on business texts and translations, I turned out to enjoy it very much and find it interesting.

In my free time, I enjoy making (jigsaw) puzzles and solving crossword puzzles. This hobby has many resemblances to my activities as a translator: puzzling with words and sentences to reproduce the exact meaning of the English text in the right way in Dutch.

And another thing not to be underestimated: I love learning new things. For every topic that I translate about, I look up the required information needed to produce a good translation both before and during my translation work. Thanks to the wide variety of texts I translated, I now know a thing or two about CT scanner software, navigation systems, video conferencing software, medical aids, clinical trials and privacy policies, just to name a few.

Do you also have a great job for me? Don’t hesitate to contact me.